Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today is my Birthday!

All the yummy food and Halloween candies I ate today didn't fill my emo void because I realized I am now 27 years old and have not accomplished much at all. I have really procrastinated these last few years away. Every fall I decide I wanna go to college but it never happens. I think it is mostly because of all the back-to-school funsies like Trapper Keepers, cool stationary, and gel pens.

What I really regret is not creating more. I feel like I have pretty legit art skills and a knack for crafty things but I either never finish what I start...or don’t start because I am afraid it will be an epic failure; and it usually is because I get too impatient and half ass it. I just end up scouring the internets for inspiration and live vicariously through others daydreaming about all these things I want to make but instead of doing anything I take a nap or watch Stargate marathons instead.

My boyfriend Brad is sweet. He has organized all my odds-n-ends and turned the whole kitchen table into a craft zone but despite all his efforts it just collects dust SO I decided that every month (at the very least) that I am 27 I WILL do something creative. Initially I wanted to do something every single day...anything, have a photo shoot with my cats, or just doodle something on a scrap piece of paper. I figured even though I have a dreadful 12 hr shift I could still muster up a little something everyday...but for now I will commit to every month. Hopefully by putting it out in the universe I will hold myself accountable and actually go through with it.

Today I made a pom-pom. I am proud of that thing too! I used a cat brush to fluff it out.

That there's my lopsided pom-pom, an owl picture Brad gave me for my birthday and of course a giant dandelion.

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