Friday, September 16, 2011

Spider Lilies and Skrinky Dinks

I love flowers. Every week there is some new wildflower blooming on the side of the road that I am pointing and telling Brad to look at while he is trying to drive. Brad and I call them "weekly weedlies" Now that fall is approaching I'm not seeing very many wildflowers BUT! the crazy red boonchas* I have been trying to identify for 2 years have finally popped up. I can't ever get a good look at them cause we are always driving by too fast. I first noticed them a couple of years ago and I thought they were fake. They look like red plastic rods with flowers on top in little random bunches just stuck into the ground kinda like a plastic flamingos on stick legs. On the way home yesterday I saw them for the first time this year and again I had no luck figuring out what they were. There was only one place left to go, Yahoo! Answers. Along with my question I included that lovely MS paint drawing and in less than an hour a Yahoo! botany answer master of the universe quelled my curiosity. SPIDER LILIES. Finally I can move on with life.

Today I made me some Shrinky Dinks. The fat pink bird was actually something a I drew a long time ago that I rejected and never wanted to shrink. The hobo head is my boyfriend. I always sneak attack him with the camera and end up with hilarious pictures. That one had me LOLing so I traced it a while back. The little coon and bird I traced today from a book called Americas Favorite Backyard Wildlife.

Before on a decroded cookie sheet.

After with M&Ms for scale.

I like the coon the best, Brad likes his hobo head.

* A booncha is word Brad and I created. It usually describes something cloudy, fluffy, bushy....and a bunch or a group of something. The first ever known boonchas where the fluff on the back of our long haired cat's legs. We are weirdos.

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