Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brad's grandfather passed away Saturday morning. He was kind chivalrous man and thanks to him Brad has all those characteristics. That's the worst part about growing up; all the grownups that you love and that made you who you are also have to get older.

Brad left this morning to go to Florida for the memorial service tomorrow. I'm staying here with he kitties. I really need to clean up the squalor before he gets home but instead I am working on my Catbus and ........

EDIT: Weeks later this was never posted, I just found it saved in my 'drafts'. That night I continued to work on my Catbus and finished it so I will leave the original date of 9/20..even thought it is now 10/13. It's like I time traveled. I could just leave this bit out and since no one would be the wiser but nah, there is no shame in my game.

I also just finished my October project! I will get some pictures posted of my creatures soon. I really love stitching up felt critters!

For now I will leave you with his felt bird I made a couple of years ago. This was my very first attempt at sewing felt and I totally ripped off this little guy right here. This was the only time I've ever blatantly coped someone else, but it was just a quick attempt to see of I could do it. Since then I have been hooked. I love making something I can actually wear. I still suck at sewing and have no idea what I am doing but hopefully the last two guys I made look a little better than this feller although I still think he is super cute.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A friend for Totoro

 I had to work almost 12 hours today and I want to be lazy but instead I am getting stuff together to start on a little felt critter. I am gonna make the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro. I have super cute little stuffed animal eyes and noses that will look perfect on him. Since I haven't gotten started on him yet I will post pictures of his BFF Totoro I made as a birthday present for a friend.

That was the first time I ever really sewed anything so rather than trying to make the stitches perfect I tried to make it look like they were intended to be jacked up.

He is a Brooch!
This Chickadee was in the same folder as Totoro. The little feller was too cute not to post especially with his tuft point.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am so happy I was able to get off work early today and enjoy the beautiful weather. I walked outside to check the mail and it felt amazing. I passed some bloomers along the way so I decided to have a photoshoot and then try to identify the weeds. First I got me some Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream. I could have been talking to angry customers but instead I was on the porch eating the most delicious ice cream in the all of the world, with the breeze, and the clouds and the bumble bees buzzing by.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spider Lilies and Skrinky Dinks

I love flowers. Every week there is some new wildflower blooming on the side of the road that I am pointing and telling Brad to look at while he is trying to drive. Brad and I call them "weekly weedlies" Now that fall is approaching I'm not seeing very many wildflowers BUT! the crazy red boonchas* I have been trying to identify for 2 years have finally popped up. I can't ever get a good look at them cause we are always driving by too fast. I first noticed them a couple of years ago and I thought they were fake. They look like red plastic rods with flowers on top in little random bunches just stuck into the ground kinda like a plastic flamingos on stick legs. On the way home yesterday I saw them for the first time this year and again I had no luck figuring out what they were. There was only one place left to go, Yahoo! Answers. Along with my question I included that lovely MS paint drawing and in less than an hour a Yahoo! botany answer master of the universe quelled my curiosity. SPIDER LILIES. Finally I can move on with life.

Today I made me some Shrinky Dinks. The fat pink bird was actually something a I drew a long time ago that I rejected and never wanted to shrink. The hobo head is my boyfriend. I always sneak attack him with the camera and end up with hilarious pictures. That one had me LOLing so I traced it a while back. The little coon and bird I traced today from a book called Americas Favorite Backyard Wildlife.

Before on a decroded cookie sheet.

After with M&Ms for scale.

I like the coon the best, Brad likes his hobo head.

* A booncha is word Brad and I created. It usually describes something cloudy, fluffy, bushy....and a bunch or a group of something. The first ever known boonchas where the fluff on the back of our long haired cat's legs. We are weirdos.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today is my Birthday!

All the yummy food and Halloween candies I ate today didn't fill my emo void because I realized I am now 27 years old and have not accomplished much at all. I have really procrastinated these last few years away. Every fall I decide I wanna go to college but it never happens. I think it is mostly because of all the back-to-school funsies like Trapper Keepers, cool stationary, and gel pens.

What I really regret is not creating more. I feel like I have pretty legit art skills and a knack for crafty things but I either never finish what I start...or don’t start because I am afraid it will be an epic failure; and it usually is because I get too impatient and half ass it. I just end up scouring the internets for inspiration and live vicariously through others daydreaming about all these things I want to make but instead of doing anything I take a nap or watch Stargate marathons instead.

My boyfriend Brad is sweet. He has organized all my odds-n-ends and turned the whole kitchen table into a craft zone but despite all his efforts it just collects dust SO I decided that every month (at the very least) that I am 27 I WILL do something creative. Initially I wanted to do something every single day...anything, have a photo shoot with my cats, or just doodle something on a scrap piece of paper. I figured even though I have a dreadful 12 hr shift I could still muster up a little something everyday...but for now I will commit to every month. Hopefully by putting it out in the universe I will hold myself accountable and actually go through with it.

Today I made a pom-pom. I am proud of that thing too! I used a cat brush to fluff it out.

That there's my lopsided pom-pom, an owl picture Brad gave me for my birthday and of course a giant dandelion.